Why 'Threefold Farm'?

Since we first posted about our farm, we’ve had several people politely ask: “So uh….why the name?”  

“‘Cuz it sounds cool” wasn’t quite cutting it anymore, so I’m glad you asked!

Three is a number of meaning to us:

  • We’ve lived in three different states since we’ve been married: New York, Texas, and now Pennsylvania
  • Consequently, we currently live in the third house we’ve owned
  • We serve a triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Our house has three bedrooms?
  • ...and I’m sure I could think of more but I won’t belabor the point

Threefold Farm comes from our three ultimate desires and purposes for the farm’s existence.  Katherine and I are Christians, and ultimately, we hope this farm tells a story about Jesus and the gracious God we serve. Therefore our goals are threefold (aha! there’s the name):

Grow Deeply

We care about the food we grow, harvest, and feed to our families. Therefore we aim to produce our food as naturally as possible, with few (if any) synthetic pesticides and fungicides, as well as techniques that build the soil to promote healthy plants and therefore a healthy harvest!

Serve Joyfully

We want to serve the community in which we’re planted initially as a u-pick orchard and expand from there. Our hope is to run Threefold as an eventual non-profit (thus the .org) with a portion of the harvest given to local food banks and missions. We have some thoughts brewing there, so stay tuned!

Teach with Humility

We hope to take what we learn, as we learn it, and teach it back to the community. We’d love to see every back yard in our community shift from a mostly “grass farm” status to growing their own fruits and veggies. We realize our lack of knowledge and how much we still need to learn. Look for blog entries detailing our steps (and missteps) along the way.

Our goals (like us) are still a work in progress, so check back here to see how they shape up.