The Leap

The Clymers have taken the leap into farming! It is a joyful announcement we make as we embark on a mission to feed, serve, and teach our community.

This decision has come after many years of planting, practicing, and perfecting (well...eventually) different techniques. In addition, Tim has taken an apprenticeship with a large orchard and farm in our area to further hone his skills and learn to operate on a larger scale. We currently own and farm six acres, which we will be bumping up to much larger production in the next year.

Currently, we grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. Our specialties are small fruits such as blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and many less common fruits as well, like figs. We also operate a vegetable garden and produce eggs.

We hope to be a farm that feeds and is open to the public in the coming year. Please follow us in our journey!

Tim and Katherine