...make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands

1 Thessalonians 4:11

Threefold Farm, Named for our Threefold Purpose

Grow Deeply

We strive to grow naturally with minimal or no use of chemical products.  We want to be proud of the food we raise and produce it as though we're growing for our own family. To this end, we are pursuing certified organic status for our produce.

Serve Joyfully

God calls us to love and serve each other with joy.

We're here to serve the community we're planted in. We have a passion for locally produced foods and folks who take pride and joy in what they do.

Teach with Humility

Over the past few years we've learned so much about growing our own food and we are constantly seeking to learn even more.  

It's very important to us that we not only grow and raise the best food, but also (eventually, once we know what we're talking about) share what we've learned with others.

Our Family

We're a young family of six (plus a lot of animals!) in south-central Pennsylvania. In June 2017, we opened a u-pick orchard and plant nursery in Mechanicsburg. Here's a little about us.



A nerd with a fruit tree obsession.

It started with just a few fruit trees given as a gift in 2009 and has blossomed into an orchard crammed with both conventional and odd fruit trees and bushes.

Since 2010 we've grown just about any fruit you can name: figs, pawpaw, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, medlar, che, goumi, jujube, persimmons, pomegranate, hardy kiwi, and quince all have found their space in the orchard at one point or another.


The wife of a nerd with a fruit tree obsession.

While commonly referred to as Mom or Tim's wife, I am equally as passionate about farming! When Tim and I were first married, I convinced him to help me build a small raised bed garden against our suburban home. Now seven years and thirteen acres later, my "garden" is just a little bigger! I still maintain the claim that I am responsible for getting him into gardening :-). My passions also lie with my milk goats! 

Tim with his figs in early spring

Tim with his figs in early spring

Kat with one of our Buff Brahmas

Kat with one of our Buff Brahmas


Photos on this page courtesy of Jen Baltgalvis Photography