Currently In Season - Figs
Coming in September - Pawpaws, Kiwi Berries

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How We Grow

At Threefold Farm, we utilize an organic compost to help build our soils in order to grow healthy plants and provide the healthiest produce.

We grow unusual fruits, in part, because they tend to require less in the way of sprays. We also choose plant varieties that are disease-resistant and space & train our plantings to minimize the need for sprays, even though it means less yield for us as the farmer. If we do need to use a spray on our plants, we choose only organic-approved products. Even so, many of our plantings are sprayed minimally or not at all.

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Harvest Chart

Approximate ripening for our fruits. May vary season-to-season by several weeks depending on weather.


Black Raspberries

One of the first of our brambles to ripen. These are one of our favorite summer berries and are great for eating fresh or in pies and make an excellent jam. They have a unique flavor not found in our other berries.


Mid June through early July

Fall crop starting mid-August through mid September

Sizes: U-pick, by the pint or half-pint fresh, by the pound frozen


Niwot (summer and fall-bearing), Jewel, Mac Black


Perhaps our most famous specialty crop, we grow delicious figs that are hardy and ripen in our area. Flavors range from berry to honey and colors from green to violet to almost black.


Beginning of September through frost, possibly earlier for greenhouse figs

Sizes: By the half-pint fresh, by the pound frozen


Too many to mention


North America's largest native fruit. Tropically-related. Tastes like a cross between a banana and a mango with a custard-like texture. Delicious on its own, in ice cream, or in baked desserts.

We grow only cultivated varieties which tend to be higher yielding and produce delicious fruits with a high pulp to seed ratio.


End of August through early October

Sizes: By the pound


Peterson cultivars, KSU cultivars, PA Golden, Sunflower, NC-1.

Kiwi Berries

A grape-sized cousin of the familiar fuzzy kiwi fruit, this hardy relative bears a fuzz-less and much sweeter fruit with the same kiwi flavor. You can eat this fruit skin and all.


Around mid-September

Sizes: By the pint


Passion Popper

Asian Persimmon

This beautiful orange to red fruit is one of the most popular in the world. We grow some varieties that are ripe when hard (non-astringent) and others that need to soften (astringent). Both are very sweet and our one of our favorites when they ripen later in the season.


Mid-October to early and mid November, our planting is young and will not come into bearing until likely 2020

Sizes: By the pound


Ripe when hard (Non-Astringent) - Jiro, Ichi Ki Kei Jiro
Ripe when soft (Astringent) - Saijo