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Fig Trees Now Available for Pick Up!

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We hope to have pawpaw and persimmon trees available in a few years. Please bear with us!

Fig Trees

We have fig trees for sale in three sizes: treepots (starter trees in smaller pots), 3 gallon, and large trees (15 gallons and up). We price trees depending on rarity of the variety.

Small Trees (less than 1 gallon): $20 - 35
Medium Trees (3 gallon): $40-70
Large Trees (10+ gallon): Individually priced, starting around $100

Fig Tree Varieties

We grow the following varieties but do not always have one of every variety available, and may only have cuttings available during the dormant season. Contact Us to check the stock on a variety you're interested in.

Lyndhurst White Fig
Macool Fig
Malone Fig
Malta Black Fig
Maltese Falcon Fig
Marseilles Black VS Fig
Neri 1 Fig
Nero 600m Fig
Niagara Black Fig
O'Rourke Fig
Olympian Fig
Panache Fig
Pane e Vino White Fig
Papa John Fig
Petite Negri Fig
Qalaat Al Madiq Fig
Ronde de Bordeaux Fig
Smith Fig
Takoma Violet Fig
Violette de Bordeaux Fig
Vista Fig

Adriatic JH Fig
Atreano Fig
Black Weeping Fig
Chiappetta Fig
Col de Dame Blanc Fig
Col de Dame Gris Fig
Col de Dame Noir Fig
Dark Portuguese Fig
Desert King Fig
Dottato Nero Fig
Florea Fig
Hollier Fig
Hunt Fig
Izbat an Naj Fig
Kathleen's Black Fig
Keddie Fig
Large Negronne Fig
Latarolla Fig
Longue D'Aout Fig
LSU Champagne Fig
LSU Gold Fig
LSU Improved Celeste Fig
LSU Tiger Fig

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