A Farm in Search of Land

Threefold Farm is on a search for land.  This year we’ll continue to work our existing 6 acre plot to get the most we can out of it and learn as we go.  Next year we hope to expand by securing an additional piece of ground.

What are we looking for?

God willing, we’re looking to purchase 15+ acres of farmland (or an existing farm) in the Mechanicsburg area to begin planting a u-pick orchard, a small nursery with greenhouses, and have some space left over for a farm stand, chickens, and outbuildings. Our vision is to serve the community through having an accessible, visible place where folks can come to pick good fruit, learn, and take away some plants to grow in their backyards.

How can you help?

That’s where we need you! (yes, you reading this) Do you know of someone with a farm in the Mechanicsburg area who would like to see the land continue to be farmed? If so, we’d love to hear from you!  Use our Contact page or send us a message on our Facebook page.